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FESTIVAL MALAYA – Malaya Collective aims to rebuild humanity through arts and culture by reviving our Old Malaya and celebrating the immensely rich age old culture – The Golden Chersonese. Hence, our children irrespective of their heritage will have a chance to experience the immensely rich past survival journey and appreciate the dedicated golden population who were part of the Old Malaya era.

Take a CONTEMPORARY journey and time-travel into the rich beautiful. A nostalgic world of Old Malaya. Made by and for senior participants (55+ Years Old). Festival Malaya is a 3-day weekend festival that happens every year hosted in various old iconic building in Kuala Lumpur.. The festival will host a variety of stall vendors that include old, lost and dying crafts and trades, art, craft, music, vintage cars parades, sales, photography, dance, fashion, cinema, food, storytelling performances, theatre, poetry and more.