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Wall of Voice

Wall of Voice

We wanted was to set up a non judgemental, art haven right smack in the city centre. A space that celebrated an amalgamation of woman, arts, culture and all things design in various forms – all core elements that we as a human beings need to grow and rebuild. Most galleries expect people to come to the arts, we wanted to take art to the general public instead of the other way round. Amongst our numerous visions one of them is to make art with a voice, an almost daily sighting in this area of Bangsar.  What better way to celebrate and unite all the artists and the arts in a city than by offering our huge outdoor wall as a canvas? We call it our WALL OF VOICE. With this new age concept every month one guest artist, of any genre, will eventually come out of her comfort zone and use our Wall Of Voice with one message or quote that has strongly influenced her or helped her along her journey. We see a lot of graffiti on walls but we hardly see real professional artists who are given this opportunity to translate their cotton canvases to wall murals through art that speaks a story, that has a voice, a message. We know how important it is to have an opportunity to showcase your work to people from different walks of life. Art and artists need to come together to support each other. We are after all one entity. Our goal is the same and so is our vision, to inspire, to have a voice. To share and simply to create. The Wall of Voice is available for art installations, artworks and inspirational artforms.

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