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The Sembilan Hall

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THE SEMBILAN HALL – Revival of old Malaya through balanced interpretation of arts, culture and history. Teaching and connecting today’s lost kids to their very interesting roots through intercultural dialogue and community spaces via ‘recreating of old Malay style, Indian style and Chinese style houses. Each of these homes will be a replica of a traditional home and will transport a visitor to that bygone era. Almost a village. Around or in each house there will be fine dining high end restaurant, casual family restaurants, traditional live arts and crafts, artisanal products sold directly by the makers, traditional dance, silat, theatre, music workshops, weekly traditional markets, reading rooms and more. Reigniting the spirit and appreciation of inter culture, recreating a pristine, forgotten peaceful lives of the Malays, Indians and the Chinese. Location in acres of landscaped gardens, parks, open air theatre, fixed piano and musical instruments around. Reintroduction of a cohesive environment of music, dance, theatre, via spaces for contemporary exhibition spaces, amphitheaters, interactive installations, positioning experiences over material pleasures, a white marble sound engineered quite dome space, for silent mindful mediation open to all religions. Imagine all cultures sitting in one space praying and meditating.

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